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My (Kenji FUNAHASHI's) Study(!?) on Nagoya Inst. of Tech.


Virtual Liquid Manipulation Using General Shape Vessel
Proc. IEEE VR2001, pp.283-284 (2001.3, Pacifico Yokohama)
This paper describes a method to realize an interactive manipulation of virtual liquid using virtual vessels which are expressed by the general convex shape polyhedron. We have proposed the liquid manipulation model which has some functions to treat the relation between the volume of liquid in a vessel and the height level of liquid surface in it while it is tilted. For a general shape vessel, the look up table to calculate the above functions is implemented. Our system with this proposed model makes it possible to catch the liquid using the virtual vessel, to hold the liquid in it, then to spill the liquid by tilting it. Also the system realizes the manipulation to skim the liquid from another liquid vessel.

A Study for Virtual Scissors System under Thin Haptic and Force Feedback Environment
Proc. SCIS & ISIS 2008, pp.1448-1453 (2008.9, Nagoya)
This paper proposes the virtual scissors system using virtual hands. Users can cut virtual paper with their own hands. The purpose of this system is to make it easy to implement different tools by only changing parameters in software. Other purpose is to make system with small-scale input and output devices for general applications, for example, only using thin haptic information and force feedback. In this VR (Virtual Reality) scissors system, various feedbacks were introduced in order to cover any impressions such as the interference feeling for interface problem while using the virtual scissors and cutting the virtual paper. Using this system, users can manipulate and cut virtual scissors through a data-glove as similar to real ones.

(co-work with HCT, EUE, UBC)

Swimming Across the Pacific: A Virtual Swimming Interface
Proc. SIGGRAPH 2004 (DVD), E-Tech (2004.8, LA Convention Center)
We have created a new locomotion interface for swimming and floating in a virtual ocean in a VR environment as part of our Swimming Across the Pacific (SAP) artwork. The artwork is motivated by Alzek Mischeff's Swimming Across the Atlantic performed in 1982. In the SAP artwork, we swim across the Pacific Ocean using the swimming apparatus in an airplane rather than across the ocean in an ocean liner as Misheff did.

Swimming Across the Pacific: A VR Swimming Interface
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol.25, No.1, pp.24-31, 2005
A locomotion interface for swimming and floating in a virtual ocean in a VR environment is part of the Swimming Across the Pacific artwork. As an initial step in realizing this artwork, the authors created an interactive installation using the swimming apparatus and the theme of swimming across the Pacific Ocean. The exhibit suspends a swimmer using a hand gliding and ankle harnesses with pulleys and ropes in an 8-cubic-foot wooden frame. The VR ocean world has a sky, sea waves, splashes, ocean floor, and avatar representing the swimmer. The virtual swimmer mimics swimming movements that are sensed by eight position trackers.

Japanese Keywords (for Robots :-P) : 仮想現実感, 人工現実感, 複合現実感, バーチャル, アーティフィシャル, ミクスト, リアリティ, バーチャリティ, リアル, マニピュレーション, オペレーション, オブジェクト, モデル, スイミング, 仮想空間, 仮想空間操作, 仮想操作, 仮想液体, 仮想気体, 操作モデル, 仮想物体, 仮想道具, 仮想部品, 水泳, データ構造, 知識ベース, オブジェクト指向
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